“Momentous Moments”

LET’S FACE IT: Sometimes life can feel fairly mundane. As we move from one moment to the next, much of our focus is on dealing with the seemingly insignificant minutiae. Then, we get a wake-up call of sorts. Something happens that forces an epiphany: those few, precious moments in life when we gain a genuine insight into the reality or essential meaning of something important. It requires us to take stock of what’s truly important and, really, what we’re doing here in the first place.

These moments of clarity might be precipitated by an acute event like the birth of a child or the death of a friend. For some, it can occur when we cross the finish line of an event we’ve been working on for months.

Sharkies is launching a new campaign called “Momentous Moments.” Every so often, we will feature your inspiring stories right here. These needn’t be momentous events, but they do need to be meaningful ones.

If you have a “Momentous Moment,” please share it with us. We will celebrate the best stories here. And, here’s the exciting part: we will choose five of the most touching stories which may be featured on CBS News!

Please submit your story here. We thank you for sharing it with us.

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